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visuals by sam

For more info on sam*'s production: click here.    

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Down Ndr

14/02/2014 New release: Following the Home by the sea Ep , The fuz returns with a, clearly, more urban track. Down Ndr, music by the fuz, Visuals by sam*. Vid [...]

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5th of March 2013

5th of March 2013. PI'm getting ready for the release of Down NDR. my new track, with a video coming soon but more of that later.  

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This is Blossom (from Home by the sea)

New release: Home by the sea Ep This is Blossom: Blossom from The Fuz on Vimeo. Check out the other tracks on the 'Home by the sea' page. Ep now available on i-tunes & Spotify.

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Home by the sea – log

Home by the sea. A music EP and A/V installation and performance. The story of a journey to the home by the sea. A respiration in an ocean of data. About nature, and the lack of it. The collisi [...]

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